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Spring 2022

Expanded Guardianship Training- Public Act 102-0770

Healthcare Surrogate Act Reconciliation- Public Act 102-0744

Spring 2021

Temporary Guardianship- Public Act 102-0120

Substituted Judgement- Public Act 102-0258

Power of Attorney Revocation Delay- Public Act 102-0181

Healthcare Surrogate Act-Physician- Public Act 102-0182

MHDD- Transfers Between DHS Facilities- Public Act 102-0593

Supported Decision-Making- Public Act 102-0614

*Spring 2020

*Note: PWD Task Force Sunset Amendment

Spring 2019

MHDD- Counseling Sessions- Public Act 101-0059

PWD Criminal Justice Task Force- Public Act 101-0391

MHDD/DD- Access to Sex Education- Public Act 101-0506