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OSG service profile

The Office of State Guardian (OSG) provides adult guardianship services to eligible wards when a probate court appoints the office as legal guardian. It is necessary to contact a regional field office to determine whether the Office of State Guardian will agree to assume guardianship for an individual.

In addition, OSG will provide basic information and advice about adult guardianship. OSG staff will often be able to suggest viable alternatives to adult guardianship or help find ways to make guardianship work better for an individual.

Please contact the Commission's intake number at 1-866-274-8023 (If outside the State of Illinois please dial 1-708-338-7500) for information regarding the following aspects of adult guardianship:

  • When OSG may and may not serve as guardian of an adult.
  • When guardianship alternatives may be helpful.
  • Placement issues for persons under guardianship.
  • What to do when a guardian appears to be acting inappropriately.
  • Restoring a person's legal rights.
  • Handling the finances for an adult with a disability.
  • Handling medical matters for an adult with a disability.
  • Representative and protective payeeships, as alternatives to guardianship.
  • Powers of attorney for health care and financial issues and mental health powers of attorney: how they differ from guardianship.
  • The Health Care Surrogate Act and how it may be used to make decisions for persons with terminal illness.
  • Ethics and guardianship: how do I know how and when to do the right thing?
  • How to fulfill one's duties as guardian of a person and/or estate.
  • Filing of annual guardianship reports.
  • When a review of the petitioning process is needed.
  • When a referral to a private probate attorney or low cost guardianship legal service is needed.
  • Information about legal rights and responsibilities for guardians and wards.
  • Answers to technical, petitioning process questions for attorneys.
  • Direction of lay individuals to the proper probate court for prose filing.
  • Advice about the various available types of guardianship.
  • Arrangements for speaking engagements on adult guardianship.
  • Written material on adult guardianship.